Grace Community Home School Co-op

Grace Community is a community of Christian homeschool families cooperating to educate, stimulate, and support one another in our calling to educate our children at home to "...bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord." (Eph 6:4)

The Schedule

Grace Community begins fall classes in early September and continues meeting until mid to late December.  Spring classes begin in early January and continue the month of April ending with a closing potluck and sometimes a formal Graduation Ceremony. As a cooperative, Grace Community meets every Thursday.  

We are located in McHenry County, Illinois, currently meeting in Woodstock.

Classes are provided for children of all ages and grades, from Kindergarten through High School.

We are not affiliated with any particular denomination.  Our members attend a variety of area churches.  One of the purposes of Grace Community is to provide experiences that homeschooled children can only experience in a co-op situation.  Students experience being part of an academically oriented class in a classroom situation with a teacher other than their parent; they have a ready audience for their academic achievements; and practice group cooperation and appropriate competitive skills.

                                                                       Parent Responsibilities

As a parent of a Grace Community student, you will be assigned as a teacher’s assistant or a teacher for a minimum of two classes during the school day.

You would be committing to being there every school day outside of special circumstances. Parent must commit to making sure your children have completed their assignments and arrive on time and prepared for classes.

What will it cost?

Our base fee of approximately $140/family/year covers our building and insurance costs. Additional smaller fees may apply based on which courses are chosen for your children or for elective field trips.  A nominal fee of $5 and up covers the expenses incurred for each class.  Lab fees for Science classes and foreign language classes tend to be the more expensive classes.